Milwaukee Admirals Reveal New Logo


The Milwaukee Admirals, the minor league affiliate of the Nashville Predators, will have a new look for the 2015-2016 season. The American Hockey League club unveiled a new logo and look on Wednesday afternoon.

The AHL website said this about the new look for Milwaukee:

"The new logo is an evolution of the Admirals last logo and features a more fierce and determined sailor. The sailor is accented by the upper portion of a naval uniform and a hat that was inspired by the one worn by the Admirals “Captain Crunch” logo from the late 70s and early 80s. The hat is adorned with an “A” composed by three bones."

Milwaukee also is going to keep a third jersey they have used in previous seasons that features a full body logo. The new jerseys for their home and road games will have the new sailor head logo. The home jersey is white with tinges of navy blue, and fully blue sleeves, while the road uniform will be navy blue with white accents, according to the website. The alternate uniform keeps the old logo involved.

The Admirals had last changed their look nine years ago in 2006 when they added a cartoon skull. This look has a much more serious looking skulled pirate and the team overall has a much scarier demeanor.

Their alternate logo creates an “M” and an “A” for Milwaukee Admirals made entirely of bone encasing a hockey stick.

Admirals owner Harry Turner was nervous about unveiling the new logos yesterday, he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I was so nervous and I’m up on stage when the countdown starts,” Turer said. “I’m just like, ‘oh, please, please like it.’ Sure enough, the reaction was really positive.

“It’s obviously sort of a risky proposition doing something where you invite a lot of people and show them something they’ve never seen,” Turer said. “And then you tell them, ‘we want you to basically like it.'”

The logos were designed out of a Kentucky studio by Dan Simon who has designed Super Bowl logos, the minor league baseball Toledo Mud Hens, and the Cedar Rapids Kernals.

“This one just stood out to me,” Turer said. “Literally, we spoke for months on end, hours on end, trying to figure out what am I looking for out of this?

“We had done so many fun things with (the old logo), but it was just like, ‘ok, it’s time. Now we’ve got to start going in a new direction.’ I think minor-league sports teams need to change their logos a little more often than let’s say the Packers or the Yankees.

“You’re really trying to create fun and excitement, an image for your team. Because nobody is coming just to see players the way they go to see the Packers and Aaron Rodgers or the Brewers and Ryan Braun. They’re coming to see Admirals’ hockey.”

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