2003 NHL Re-Draft

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The 2003 NHL Draft was one of the top drafts ever held, likely after the 1979 NHL Draft. Each first-round pick ended up playing in a regular season game. The draft saw 26 players go on to be NHL All-Stars. 6 draftees went on to captain an NHL team.

In this re-draft, I’ve reverted all the draft picks to their original owners. It’s been a long time since the draft, so maybe some teams would like to rethink their decisions.

16. Boston Bruins

70. . Center. Calgary Hitmen (WHL). Loui Eriksson. 16. player

17. Edmonton Oilers

148. . Center. Calgary Hitmen (WHL). Dion Phaneuf. 17. player

18. Washington Capitals

. Center. Calgary Hitmen (WHL). Corey Crawford. 18. player. 19

19. Anaheim Ducks

Center. Calgary Hitmen (WHL). David Backes. 19. player. 105.

20. Minnesota Wild

. Center. Calgary Hitmen (WHL). Nathan Horton. 20. player. 98

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