NHL Draft: Would Panthers Give Up Top Pick for Oshie?


There are plenty of trade rumors on NHL draft day, and just about all of them are about the Arizona Coyotes, goalies, or Patrick Sharp. There is one rumor that has gone under the radar.

The St Louis Blues are ready to trade away TJ Oshie, and the Florida Panthers are showing some interest.

“No trade is better than a poor trade…There’s gonna be change regardless, in our game…We’re going to explore improving our team to levels that we probably haven’t explored in the past, but it has to make sense.” Blues general manager Doug Armstrong said on 101Sports.com.

Oshie doesn’t have a no trade clause, which would make him easy to move compared to other veterans with the Blues. They have a goal of resigning restricted free agent Vladimir Tarasenko. There had been rumors at the trade deadline about the Boston Bruins, but after they dumped Carl Soderberg yesterday, it seems unlikely they’ll add a new center. There has also been some speculation the Ottawa Senators are interested, and since they moved David Legwand, they have an opening.

However, the Blues want to get something good in return. Like Armstrong said, they won’t trade Oshie just for the sake of doing so.

This is where the Panthers come in.

The Florida Panthers have the 11th overall pick in tonight’s draft, and they are willing to deal it. The Blues do not have a first round selection and they’d love to get one. Seeing Oshie is their most tradeable commodity, it seems like that would make him the ideal fit to leave St Louis.

Florida needs goal scorers, and while Oshie isn’t elite, he’s shown some scoring punch and they’ll take anything they can get. The Panthers are also a young team and could use a veteran player.

Oshie’s no trade clause goes into effect on July 1st, so if the Blues want to move him, now is the time. Ideally, before tonight’s draft, if they want that Panthers first round pick.

Oshie recently signed a five year deal that pays him $4.175 per year. St Louis, since they want to sign Tarasenko and maybe add a goaltender, would love to get that money off the books. Meanwhile, Florida could use to add some more money to hit their salary floor.

The question is, is Oshie worth a first round pick, especially at 11th overall? That depends on how much the Panthers want him.

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