2015 NHL Draft:#2 Jack Eichel to Buffalo Sabres


The Buffalo Sabres select Jack Eichel with the 2nd overall pick.

Another shocker!

The Sabres finished last in the NHL this year but lost the Draft Lottery; however, the Sabres receive another exceptional talent in Jack Eichel.

Eichel had a phenomenal year at Boston University this year which led to a Hobey Baker and comparisons to Paul Kayria.

What scouts are saying:

"“When Jack Eichel is on the ice, the pace of the play shifts; if players can’t keep up, they are left behind. A consistent scoring threat on the ice, Eichel possesses next-level hockey-IQ, an elite-level skillset, and the natural size and work ethic to let him play his role as a scoring power center. All-in-all, Jack Eichel is that uncontainable, dynamic center that can make other players look out of place in his wake.” – Joe Curtis, Elite Prospects"

"A very consistent offensive force who brings it every shift…tough to contain for his peers as he can bull his way where he wants as well as maneuver the puck with skilled hands…is a responsible defensive player who has the ability to pick-pocket the puck on the backcheck and start up ice quickly…is dangerous with a strong selection of shots, plus elite-level playmaking skills that include the ability to find seams with impressive vision and deceptive passing…gives strong efforts and plays in all situations…relentless on puck pursuit…NHL star in the making. – Future Considerations"

Arizona Coyotes are on the clock.