Rookies Thriving in QMJHL


The young bloods in the QMJHL have bolted out of the starting gates this year, putting up very impressive numbers to start. They have been the most productive rookies out of the three leagues in the CHL.

The Q has two particular rookies, Dmytro Timashov (eligible for 2015 draft) and Kay Schweri (eligible for 2015 draft), who are both at 33 points in almost 20 games.

Kay Schweri Photo By: JOCELYN RIENDEAU

The two both have more points than the top rookie in each other league. The leading rookie scorer in the OHL is Alex DeBrincat, who has 27 points. The top rookie point-getters in the WHL are Deven Sideroff and Ivan Provorov, who both have 19 points.

The rookies in the Q not only boast their quality, but also their quantity. Within the top 20 scorers in the whole QMJHL, 4 rookies make this list. In the OHL, DeBrincat is the only rookie in the top 20, and there is no rookies within the top 20 scorers in the WHL.

When it comes to beginners luck, this isn’t quite the case. Both Timashov and Schweri are playing on their respective team’s top lines. They are also creating and finishing

Dmytro Timashov Photo by: Agence QM

chances for their teams. As we all know though, a hot streak has to cool down at some point.

Come the core of the season, when teams get up to the highest compete level, one of these rookies will have to slow down. The rookie most likely to do that would probably be Kay Schweri. Although he is on a spectacular Sherbrooke Phoenix team, he hasn’t been the greatest at putting the puck in the net. Timashov is also playing more minutes on the Remparts which means more opportunities to convert on chances.

These two rookies have a long road ahead of them, and it should be a fun one to watch. Expect them to become key players as well, and lead their teams come playoff time.