NHL Reverse Standings: The Race For Connor McDavid


Hello folks, after a few days off we’re back with another update to our race for Connor McDavid. As you may have seen on twitter the race for Connor McDavid is also being called the NHL reverse standings. Our series will continue as NHL reverse standings as we’re taking a look at who will come in first, or last, at the end of the season.

Since our last little update lots have changed in the NHL reverse standings as the Carolina Hurricanes take over last place in the NHL and first place in the McDavid race. Having won just 2 points all season long through overtime and not having a win on the board has to be rough for the Hurricanes. But with Eric Staal close to returning things have to be looking up for them soon.

Here are the bottom 10 in the NHL reverse standings on Sunday November 26th;

As you can see there has been lots of movement as the Buffalo Sabres climb up to 29th while the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers fall back in the bottom 10.

Here is an updated ranking of the NHL’s reverse standings, including each team in the bottom 10’s losing percentage, potential points and points lost.

[table id=10 /]

*We decided to round up this time instead of going to extra decimals. So while the Sabres are really losing 77.8% we rounded to 78%

The Hurricanes sit last in the NHL standings and first in the reverse standings, losing 86% of their available points this season. Their corsi percentage of 49.5 has them on steady pace with the middle of the rest of the league. With a big win over the San Jose Sharks, the Sabres climbed out of the bottom with 4 points, but sit last in points lost with 14 and corsi with a rating of 36.5%. The Sabres have been outshot and outplayed almost every night, which is why their place at the bottom in little surprise.

The McEichel race is starting to heat up as the Carolina Hurricanes refuse to win, while the Oilers and Sabres continue to record points against unlikely opponents. The Leafs and Sabres will meet up this Tuesday in a big tilt. If the Sabres come out with a W they will have 6 points, just one behind the Leafs who currently have 7.

Can the Hurricanes get on their first win this week or will the rest of the NHL crowd continue to pull away from the injured Hurricanes who continue to occupy 30th?