Connor McDavid Race: Oilers Climb Out Of Bottom


Who would have thought only 1 game affect 2 teams would have such a big change-up in the standings? Well it did, as the Edmonton Oilers got their first win of the season against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday night. The win gives the Oilers 3 points and help them climb out of the bottom slot in the NHL standings as the Buffalo Sabres now occupy that spot. With the win, the Oilers no longer have the worst losing percentage as the Sabres once again fill that role.

Here’s an updated snapshot of the NHL standings on Tuesday morning. There will be 20 teams in action tonight so there should be some significant change in the standings by Wednesday.

With the win the Oilers losing percentage improves to 75% as they’ve won 25% of their available points through their first 6 games. The Sabres did not play last night and remain with an 83.33% losing percentage through their first 6 games. The Sabres are not in action tonight so they will not be able to climb out of the basement. Here’s the current losing percentage table for the bottom 10 teams in the NHL.

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The anomaly in the list currently seems to be the Toronto Maple Leafs, who despite playing some decent hockey and sitting in 21st are losing roughly 58% of their available points, not a recipe for success.

Just for the fun of it we’re also going to include the corsi numbers for the bottom teams to see how they’re doing in that aspect. The Buffalo Sabres, who sit last in losing percentage and the NHL standings, not surprisingly also sit last in corsi with a percentage of 35.6.

The Calgary Flames are surprisingly sitting in 9th place are second last in corsi with a percentage of 41.6 and are being out corsi’d roughly 20 points per 60 mins. The Edmonton Oilers on the other hand sit 10th in corsi with a percentage of 52.6.

Surprisingly enough although the Flames sit in 9th they have lost 57% of their available points, which is quite similar to the Leafs current stats.

Connor McDavid Update: In 9 games the standout forward has 8 goals and 25 points. Let me repeat that, McDavid has 25 points in just 9 games. He’s set to suit up at the home of the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday night when his Erie Otters travel to Buffalo and the Buffalo faithful are excited to see what he’s got.

Jack Eichel Update: In his first game with Boston University Eichel recorded 4 points with 2 goals and 2 assists.