Connor McDavid Update: Blues Join Bottom 10


After a handful of NHL games on Sunday night mainly concerning teams from the Western Conference, it’s time to once again update the bottom 10 teams losing percentages thus far on the race for Connor McDavid. These percentages will be updated daily to reflect the results from the previous nights action.

It’s important to note that the 30th ranked team only has a 20% shot at actually landing Connor McDavid but instead have an 80% chance of landing the 2nd overall pick, projected to be Jack Eichel. Not a horrible consolation prize but an important thing to remember.

With the results from last night’s action here is the updated table with the percentage of available points the bottom 10 teams have lost and an updated season ending prediction.

[table id=7 /]

With a big shutout victory, the New York Rangers have escaped the bottom 10 of the NHL and sit comfortably in 18th place with a 50% losing percentage to date. With the loss, the St. Louis Blues join the bottom 10 and thus the race for Connor McDavid. However, the Blues also maintain a 50% losing percentage and will likely not stick around long. With the loss last night the Jets fall deeper in the standings to 28th and their percentage goes from 75% to 80%.

In case you’re looking for a comparative, the top two teams in the NHL right now; the Anaheim Ducks and Montreal Canadiens have won 83% of their available points. Canadiens sit tied atop the NHL with 10 points while the Sabres, who have lost 83% of their points sit 29th with 2 points.

All other teams remain unchanged and the only possible change from tonights action will be the Edmonton Oilers as they square-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the lone NHL game.