Connor McDavid and The Race For Last


After getting some positive reviews on our last article revolving around teams and their race for Connor McDavid, we have decided to continually update the race. Our race will be based on the bottom 10 teams in the NHL based on standings and will depict their currently losing percentage and the points they will end up with if that current rate stays the same.

It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be sad, but it’s an in-depth look on the bottom 10 NHL teams and their percentage for Connor McDavid. On Sunday October 19th, here is a snapshot of the bottom 10 teams in the league. It’s changed slightly since our first article.

The Edmonton Oilers, Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets and Carolina Hurricanes are still in a tight fight for last place and Connor McDavid. The Oilers refuse to win and sit as the one of only two NHL teams without a win in their first handful of games. The Hurricanes are the other team that just can’t find a win their multiplying injuries.

So here is our chart of the bottom 10 teams in the NHL. It displays their points, the points they’ve lost throughout their games, their losing percentage, the amount of points left for them to win and a rough prediction of how many points they will end up with if their current trend continue.

[table id=6 /]

Now keeping in mind the 30th ranked team from last season finished with 52 points and the team that picked first overall finished with 66 points. This tells us that the battle for last will be between 55-70 points, a pace all of the bottom five teams will need to pick-up if they hope to avoid historic NHL lows.

The Oilers currently lead the way losing 90% of their available points through the first 5 games, while the Leafs can’t figure out what they need to do losing 58.3% of their points throughout their first 6 games. Of all the teams currently in the bottom 10, the Coyotes seem to be in the best position losing only half of their available points.

The Minnesota Wild are on the list with an asterisk simply because they’ve played less games than the rest of the bottom 10 and are going to be just fine based on their losing percentage. We put them on the list because has them in the bottom 10 and we wanted to be fair and accurate based on their league rankings.

We’ll be updating the race for Connor McDavid and the bottom 10’s losing percentages on a nightly basis as much as we can. What you take from the data is up to.