Can Dylan Strome Go Third Overall?


McDavid, Eichel… Strome? It’s seems that it could go that way on draft day, even though many have U.S defenseman Noah Hanifin as a lock in the 3rd overall position. Strome has been on fire to start they season with the Eire Otters, who are off to a 5-0 start.

Strome is currently tied for first on the Otters in points, with Connor McDavid, notching 18 in six games. He has 15 assists, that leads the OHL. 3 of those 15 assists went to the one and only Connor McDavid.

Strome is ranked rather high in draft rankings, but if the season he is having continues he will certainly be boosted up a spot or two. Playing with McDavid, a probable 1st overall pick, helps his cause a little.

Strome will definitely gain a following going into the draft this year. Especially to those that are watching Connor McDavid this year. They’ll be wondering, “Hey, who passed McDavid that puck, that was a great pass?” And every time it will be Dylan Strome.

Strome could have a record year in the OHL this year, but people will not budge on his ranking. He will be marked as a special player because he has been playing with Connor McDavid. It’s too bad too, he really should be ranked higher than he is.

It should be a fun year for Strome and the Otters. They will just destroy teams in their path with their two star players. Then during the draft McDavid will probably go 1st and hopefully Strome can go from 5th or 6th, to 3rd or 4th.

The play of other top 5 picks will also affect where Dylan Strome lands in the draft. Prospects like Mitch Marner, Pavel Zacha, and Mathew Barzal will need to put up decent seasons in order to be taken above Strome.

In the end it is most likely that Dylan Strome does not go third overall or even fourth overall. Even though most of his points do not come from, or result in, Connor McDavid goals or assists, Strome will need to put up a 80 something point season. Strome is most likely not capable of that but is on track for it right now.