Boston to Halifax: The Moynihan Brothers


Halifax and Boston. The two cities are 415 miles apart, rich in history and have the same look and feel. They both also share the home of brothers Danny and Connor Moynihan. Younger brother Connor was drafted by the Mooseheads in the fifth round of 2013 QMJHL draft and chose to play in the CHL after watching Halifax take home the President and Memorial Cups. Shortly after, older brother Daniel decided playing hockey in Canada was a good option and tried out for the team. Both brothers made the roster with Connor earning 16 points and Danny having 26 in their first seasons.

"“Growing up playing hockey we never got to be on the same team so this was the first time we weren’t competing against each other and that was a great feeling.” -Danny Moynihan"

Danny Moynihan in preseason game with the Halifax Mooseheads

Both players have made waves this past summer, Danny attending the San Jose Sharks camp and Connor being named to the USA All-American Prospects Game after playing in Buffalo at the U-17 camp. It was also announced that Connor received a B prospect rating for the upcoming 2015 NHL draft. It’s understandable that both have no regrets passing up the NCAA routes. Their uncle Ryan Moynihan played for Cornell and both cousins Chuck and Scott Tomes played NCAA. They always had the push in that direction, but Halifax was too perfect of a fit.

"“It was an easy decision to come to Halifax really, since they were the number one ranked team in the CHL and had the coach of the year.” -Connor Moynihan"

Watching the hometown team, the Boston Bruins, Danny and Connor play a physical game and try to resemble their favorite players, Patrice Bergeron and Milan Lucic. The future is bright for them, always pushing each other and keeping that sibling rivalry going in every game. Having a great start to the 2014-15 season, they have taken on a leadership role on the Mooseheads. Connor scoring 2 goals in 11 games and Danny having 3 goals in 8 games. It’s very possible to see both guys play in the NHL in a few years time, but for now they are busy lighting up the Scotiabank Centre in front of their fans in Nova Scotia.