Trevor Gillies Takes It Too Far By Slamming Opponents Head Into the Ice


What’s the downside of the NHL fazing out the enforcer role in the NHL? A lot of those enforcers are being sent back down to the AHL with the assignment of proving you’re worth more to your NHL team then just fighting. Trevor Gillies is one of those types of players who now finds himself in the AHL. During a fight last night he slammed his opponents head into the ice in a show that would make you sick to your stomach.

The Rochester Americans had a solid game last night against the Adirondack Flames where they won on the scoreboard. However, the Flames, particularly Gillies wanted to make a point and near the end of the night a huge brawl broke out.

With roughly 3 minutes left in the game Gillies decided to make William Carrier his punching bag after he grabbed the Buffalo Sabres prospect and started punching him in the head. Carrier, who is not a fighter at all, fell to his knee’s to avoid the onslaught of punches. Gillies, unimpressed proceeded to slam Carrier’s head into the ice after punching him while he was down.

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  • Thankfully Carrier was wearing a visor that took most of the brunt and he was un-hurt. However, despite the fact there was no injury what Trevor Gillies did was unacceptable and left Amerks head coach Chadd Cassidy with a bitter taste in his mouth.

    "“If there’s room for that in hockey, I’m not sure I want to coach anymore.”"

    Gillies has a horrible suspension record from his time in the NHL with the New York Islanders. One game after returning from a 9 game suspension he delivered an elbow to an opponents head and was slapped with another 10 games. He also sparked a police investigation in Finland when he sucker-punched Jarkko Ruutu.

    Gillies has been suspended more times than he has recorded points in 57 NHL games, having recorded just 3. However, this might have been Trevor Gillies worst offence and if he isn’t properly penalized by the AHL there is a serious problem. He placed his opponent in danger on the ice and clearly wanted to cause harm.

    The problem with having these enforcers in the AHL trying to work their way back up to the NHL is the fact that the only way to get any attention is to fight when your team is getting beat up. The Flames were getting beat up on the scoreboard and Gillies decided to go beat some Amerks faces as a result. Having unwanted NHL enforces in the AHL puts young and talented players in the AHL with hopes of a promising NHL career in danger.

    Not only is a guy like Gillies a danger on the ice to other players who actually deserve to be called hockey players, he is a disgrace to the sport of hockey and the AHL. He assaulted an innocent 19 year-old kid by repeatedly bashing his face into the ice; that’s dangerous, reckless and despicable behaviour by any hockey player.

    Here is a video of the horrible incident, it’s the second fight that breaks-out.

    It’s clear from this video that Trevor Gillies wanted a fight and was looking for someone to pummel. He first shoved Amerks forward Johan Larsson before laying his fists on Carrier. The Flames were down 5-1 at this point and Gillies had skated just 1 shift before this, it’s clear he was out there to cause trouble and the AHL and the Flames should be ashamed.

    Now of course it would be different if Carrier had punched back, but he didn’t and really had no reason too. I don’t mind fighting in hockey, but when it’s mindless violence like this, there is no place for it in the game.

    The biggest question however, might be why does anyone still sign this guys paycheque? With his long history of reckless play and lack of concern for the opposition, this isn’t a one-time thing for Trevor Gillies. It’s a repeated affair and one that cost him his NHL career.

    If this kind of stuff prevails in the AHL, or even the NHL, I’m with Chadd Cassidy; I’m not sure I want to watch hockey anymore.