Traverse City Tournament: Players to Watch

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Kevin Hayes

If you haven’t heard Kevin Hayes name by now you might just live under a rock. Whether he’s talented or not is beside the point right now, everyone heard about him this offseason when he said see ya later to the Chicago Blackhawks. He hit free agency and signed with the New York Rangers.

“With a very large frame, a nose for the net, and good passing abilities, Hayes will get a good look in both Traverse City and in the main training camp. ~ Frozen Futures

Now all eyes will be on Hayes to prove he can back up his bold move and the attention he got this offseason. He had a fantastic senior year at Boston College where he recorded 27 goals and 38 assists in 40 games.

He’s going to get a shot at making the Rangers and this prospect tournament will be huge for him. Whether he realizes it or not all eyes will be on him throughout the tournament.