Connor McDavid Sweepstakes Who Has the Best Chance?

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Carolina Hurricanes

It wasn’t so long ago that the Carolina Hurricanes were knocking on the door of being the best team in the NHL. Cam Ward was one of the best goaltenders in the league, the captured the Stanley Cup and their team of mismatched veterans looked poised to take over the NHL. Fast-forward seven seasons and the harsh life cycle in the NHL has taken a big toll on the Hurricanes. Unless you’re the Detroit Red Wings, it’s not easy to continually survive and compete year after year in the NHL playoffs and the Hurricanes have figured that out.

“He’s one of those that come along every five to 10 years. You hear the term ‘can’t-miss guy.’ Well he’s a can’t-can’t miss guy. He’s special.” ~ Don Cherry on McDavid

Cam Ward isn’t the Cam Ward he once was, Jordan and Eric Staal have yet to rekindle any sibling magic, Jeff Skinner has had a tough time following up his impressive rookie campaign and the Hurricanes might just find themselves in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes at the end of the season.

The Hurricanes have also become a forgotten team in the East. They’re bad, but not bad enough to turn heads and not good enough to battle out of the bottom 5 slots in the NHL. They don’t get a lot of national coverage and have a bunch of misfit players on their roster. If they can solve their goaltending issues while landing McDavid, they will be back sitting pretty, but it will be one miserable season ahead.