Patrick Kane Joins Beer League Hockey Game


Quick question, if you’re at a rink with your pals playing a game of shiny or beer league and Patrick Kane steps on the ice in full gear wearing your jersey? Yeah, you would probably freak out. Well that happened just the other night when the two-time Stanley Cup Champion joined the Piranhas.

To no ones surprise Kane dominated finishing with 10 points on the night (5 goals and 5 assists), while leading the Piranhas to a 13-5 victory in their beer league game and this was Kane’s second game with the team. However, he was almost outdone by ECHL player Vinny Scarsella who netted 7 goals and 9 points during the very exciting game. 

Good to see Patrick Kane is having a good time back in Buffalo during the offseason and it’s really cool that he’s willing to help out and play hockey with some old timers who are past their hockey prime. The opposition didn’t stand a chance with Patrick Kane and Vinny Scarsella on the Piranhas squad.

At least the Chicago Blackhawks can rest easy knowing Patrick Kane still has his game and skills and his desire to win doesn’t change no matter what the situation is. Next time he should bring his buddy Jonathan Toews to see which one is more dominant or maybe pair them against each other so the other team stands a chance.