Want to write for Frozen Futures? Now’s the time!


 Fandom has no offseason. Neither do we. 

Here at Frozen Futures, we have a small and dedicated staff bringing you the best AHL, CHL, and college hockey news on the web. What’s better than a small and dedicated staff?… A large and dedicated staff, of course!

At Frozen Futures, we’re looking for emphatic hockey fans that want to be heard by the hockey community! Frozen Futures is a great place to expand your writing abilities, as well as your hockey knowledge, and your resume. Plus, with hockey season approaching, the hockey hype is on it’s way, which means your work can be seen by thousands of fans from far across the hockey community.

Of course, Frozen Futures is part of the Fansided Network. Why write for Fansided? Well, here’s why… straight from Fansided.com:

"The FanSided Network is the fastest-growing independent sports network on the net. Our network is not only a prime destination for some of the web’s best fan-driven sports content but we also feature some unique opportunities for those looking to get their start in the online sports media industry.FanSided got it’s start back in April of 2007, when two brothers – Adam and Zach Best – launched Arrowhead Addict, our Kansas City Chiefs site. Years later that simple collaboration has blossomed into the FanSided Network – a growing collection of 270+ unique sports and entertainment sites dedicated to team-specific, sport-specific, genre-specific, and fanbase-specific coverage. Millions upon millions of sports fans have flocked to our online sports communities and we’re just getting started.Nowhere else will you find the edgy, educated, and candid “fanpinions” that the FanSided Network dishes out each and every day, all year round. Fandom has no offseason. Neither do we. Sports and entertainment aren’t our jobs. Sports and entertainment are our lives. We know you eat, breathe, sleep, and “you know what” your passions. That’s why we’ve recruited a growing staff of FanSiders who are just as passionate about what they cover as you are. Our staff remains dedicated to giving fan nation the coverage it wants, offering the lowdown on our teams both on and off the field coupled with the nonstop scoops on all of your favorite entertainment interests and activities."

So, are you passionate about the greatest game on the planet? Are you interested in joining the team that will bring college, junior, and AHL hockey to the next level? If so, you can apply here.

Want to hear more? Contact Cam Hasbrouck, Frozen Future’s co-editor, at camhasbro@gmail.com (I promise, I’ll respond quickly!)