Manchester Monarchs reveal new uniforms


The Manchester Monarchs, the AHL affiliate of the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings, revealed the new uniforms they’ll be sporting next season.

The new design uses a black, silver, and white jersey styled very similarly to the Kings’ jerseys. A black, grey, and silver Monarchs logo sits in the center, with a white background on the home jersey, and a black on the away jersey.

It’s very clear that the Monarchs are proud to be a part of the Kings organization… and why shouldn’t they be, after last season?

"“These jerseys tie us to our parent club, the Kings,” said Abbott, the President of the Monarchs, via “The Monarchs have so many players that have gone on to play for the Kings and have helped them win Stanley Cup Championships in Los Angeles that we wanted to bring their identity into our uniforms.”"

Maybe the new LA-style jerseys will carry them to a Cup of their own. You can check out the jerseys here:


You can see more via the manchester monarchs twitter page, @MonarchsHockey