CHL implements new “one-fight rule”


The Canadian Junior Hockey League has implemented a new rule (kind of) regarding fighting. The rule, known as the “One-Fight Rule”, is currently operating in five of the ten leagues across Canada and the northern United States, but will become mandatory in each league for the 2015-2016 season.

The “One-Fight Rule” calls for a five minute major, as well as an ejection to be handed out immediately if a player engages in a fight.

This brings up the recently amped-up discussion: should fighting be a part of the game?

On one note, fighting can lead to serious injuries, most notably concussions, which have become a very sensitive topic. On the other hand, many players and fans believe that fighting keeps the players in line.

Kirk Estes of Fansided’s Sports Dallas Fort-Worth had a very good piece regarding fighting, in which he discussed each side, as well as the new rules in the US junior leagues. Check out the article here.