Jamie Lewis Suspended For Doping Violation


At one point last season Jame Lewis served as hero for the North Bay Battalion when he scored the game winning goal sending them to the OHL championships, however now, he’s looking a little more ordinary. To begin next season, Lewis will be watching the game from the stands as he serves an 8 game suspension for a doping violation.

The forward was selected for a random drug test back in May giving a urine sample and the CHL and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport found the presence of methylhexaneamine, a prohibited stimulant. Since this was Lewis’ first violation of the new anti-doping policy in the CHL he was given just an 8 game suspension.

The league released the following statement after the news;

"“Player Jamie Lewis and the North Bay Battalion Hockey Club were extremely cooperative throughout the process.  We are completely satisfied that the player used a supplement which he had purchased over the counter at a local retail outlet and had no knowledge that it contained a prohibited substance.” ~ CHL President, David Branch."

Lewis would have most likely come in contact with the banned Methylhexaneamine through protein supplements as Canada does not include the ingredient in any health medications and this is just the latest reminder that athletes need to be very careful about the supplements the choose to take. Jamie Lewis recorded eight goals and 17 assists in 67 games for North Bay Battalion last season.