NHL Draft: 5 Draftees That Could Step Into the NHL Next Season

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The 2014 NHL draft is officially completed and for over 300 players, their dream of playing in the NHL is one step closer. However, some of the players drafted either have a long way to go before they step foot in an NHL game or will never step foot into the NHL. The biggest question for fans now, is how quickly will their teams draft picks be in the NHL?

For every prospect drafted there is a learning curve when adapting to the NHL game. It’s a far different level than CHL, AHL, NCAA and any European league. The players are bigger, they hit harder and every decision you make with the puck will prove costly. You have mere seconds to react with a whole team and rink full of fans counting on you. For most it’s certainly not an easy adjustment. However, for some few and braze souls, they have what it takes to immediately make the jump into the NHL following their draft year.

Today we’re going to break down 5 players who you could see with their respective NHL clubs for their rookie season next season.