NHL Draft: 5 Best Players Available On Day 2


The first round is done and fans can take a deep breath as the top 30 are in the books. However, for several other prospects who weren’t lucky enough to hear their name called in the first round, their adventure continues tomorrow. NHL teams and GM’s will be back on Saturday as rounds 2-7 get underway. The good news for NHL teams, is that talent they may have been looking for late might still be available in the 2nd round.

Here are the top 5 players who will be available early in round 2, a few of them were even projected to land in the first round. If your team is picking early on Saturday be happy these guys are still around.

Many top prospects were left wondering where it went wrong after the first round and will help make day 2 a little more interesting.

Ivan Barbashev

Despite the big forward being available when the Los Angeles Kings went up for their 29th pick, the Kings passed on Barbashev and he’s still on the board for round 2. Many were quite surprised that Barbashev was left uncalled after the first round. He will be one of the best value picks available on day 2.
Thatcher Demko

No goaltenders were taken in the first round of the 2014 NHL draft despite some thinking Demko might sneak into the first round. Demko is regarded as the top goaltender available and will likely be off the board early on day 2. He’s a stellar goaltender just a year or two away from NHL play.
Brendan Lemieux

Another player who surprised many by falling out of the top 30 who should go early on day 2. He’s an exceptional talent who was expected to be the 30th overall pick and close out the first round. Not only can he score goals, he is also an amazing agitator who loves getting under his opponents skin.
Jack Dougherty

Another name who fell from the top 30 on Friday night but will undoubtedly be called early on Saturday. He’s NCAA bound but is still a solid prospect for many teams to have in their arsenal going forward.
The Buffalo Sabres will be on the clock on Saturday when round 2 begins. Let’s see what the second round holds tomorrow.