NHL Links: Kings Riches and Other Draft Ramblings


Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray believes Aaron Ekblad will go first overall in the draft in June and be off the board when the Sabres pick. What do you think? Is this just GM draft talk or do you believe Ekblad will go first overall?  [Sabres]

For the most part it depends on who is picking first overall. If the Edmonton Oilers trade up then they will definitely take Ekblad. However, it’s a team that needs forwards and size, then there’s no guarantee Ekblad will go first overall. Lot’s of trading and mind games will be done before June 27th when the first overall pick is selected. However, this year almost anyone could go first overall.

The Los Angeles Kings just hoisted their second Stanley Cup and now they have 9 picks coming up in the NHL draft in June. Doesn’t look like the Kings will be getting worse any time soon. [NHL]

Must be nice to have all the riches of the NHL eh? With the Kings ability to find solid draft picks, they could easily become a dynasty who see’s themselves raising a few more Cup in the near future.

The NHL season is over and that sucks but now that the actual playing season is over, there are lots of exciting offseason story-lines to follow. Who’s getting traded, who’s getting bought out and where will the top free agents call home next season? So many exciting options. [Bleacher Report]

Brian Burke is back in the hockey spotlight and for anyone who know’s him, you know that isn’t a good thing. This time he’s sounding off on the media in Toronto. [Puck Daddy]

To a certain extent I agree with Brain Burke, I mean the media in Toronto can be a nasty place at times when things go wrong. However, a journalists job is to find and make a story to generate buzz and the Toronto media are pretty good at that. Stop whining about their reach, it’s Toronto, everyone eats, sleeps, and breaths hockey.

Following in the footsteps of the NHL, the QMJHL will host not one but 2 outdoor games next season. Why anyone needs two outdoor games aside from the NHL who uses it as marketing and revenue generating, I really don’t know. [Buzzing The Net]