NHL Draft: 5 Second Round Picks Worth A Look

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With a lot of focus on the first round and the top 5 picks of the 2014 draft, it’s easy to forget the guys who fall to the second round. Often times they discounted and downplayed, despite their being some really solid talent to emerge from the second round. If you look back at the history of some second round players you’re going to see some pretty impressive names.

Joe Nieuwendyke, Bryan McCabe, Ilya Bryzgalov, Mike Ribeiro, Jason Pominville, P.K. Subban and Shea Weber are all players who heard their name called in the second round of the NHL draft. Just because these guys were taken in round 2, didn’t hold them back from making names for themselves in the NHL. Many late bloomers or guys just shy of the first round are players that truly help a team win. The superstars are great to have and draw a crowd, however the character, second rounders are the glue that can hold a team together.

Without any further ado, here are 5 players likely to be taken in the second round of the NHL draft who are worth more than meets the eye.