Moving Out the San Jose Sharks in NHL Links


Hello hockey fans, how is your life going without hockey now that the Stanley Cup Final is in the books? Miss it eh? It’s okay the draft is mere days away and you start looking at your NHL teams extremely bright future if they draft the guys. Lot’s of exciting stuff from the world of the NHL is going down and now it’s time for you to get caught up.

The Buffalo Sabres have bought out forward Ville Leino ending that nightmare for the fans and organization. At the end of the day Leino walks away with a pocket full of money and is laughing on his way to the bank. Who’s fault is the Leino contract? Who knows, who cares, at least he’s gone! There was a lot of excitement when the Sabres signed Leino but there may have been even more excitement when he was bought out. Sad how quickly things can change eh? [Puck Daddy]

It might be time for the Colorado Avalanche and Ryan O’Reilly to finally break up as their relationship is on the rocks again. The Avalanche don’t want to pay O’Reilly the money he wants and things are about to get real ugly between the two sides. Will O’Reilly remain with the Avalanche or will the two sides part ways? [Denver Post]

There a lot of questions for the Washington Capitals and Braden Holtby between the pipes. Right now the Capitals are looking for a back-up netminder to support and teach Holtby as he learns to be a number one goaltender. Who are the options for the Capitals and is Holtby really a number one goaltender at this point in his career? [Jaspers Rink]

A bad television deal might have the power to kick the San Jose Sharks out of San Jose? Who would have thought that the television stations have that much power? The San Jose Sharks might be forced to move because they strongly dislike their television deal. [Inside Bay Area]

Imagine betting on your team when they are down 3-2 in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Well a Los Angeles Kings fan bet that the Kings would win the cup after they went down 3-2 to the San Jose Sharks in round one and is now one very rich man. Thats when Ryan Totka decided to lay $500 on the table betting the Kings would claim the Stanley Cup against 28-to-1 odds. It worked out and Totka won $14,000 following the Kings Championship. [Puck Daddy]

The Washington Redskins of the NFL are being forced to change their name due to the meaning of their name and racism and what not. However, the move might affect the Chicago Blackhawks who are now looking for a new logo. Oh boy, you have to love messing with tradition right? [Too Many Men]