Sweeping the Stanley Cup NHL Links


Happy Wednesday hockey fans! Today isn’t just another Wednesday in the hockey world though as the Stanley Cup will be in the building and may be going to the Los Angeles Kings should they manage to sweep the New York Rangers in the 4th game of the Stanley Cup Final. Man tonight is going to be a good night for hockey, so make sure you grab a television and sit yourself in front of it.

However, before we can get to the big game tonight we need to take a lap around the NHL world breaking down the latest news and stories.

Have you ever noticed that the hockey worlds opinion on who the best player in the world is changes rather frequently? One night it’s Sidney Crosby, the next it’s Jonathan Toews, in the playoffs it’s Jonathan Quick and the list goes on and on. However, the real question is why do fans care? Every player in the NHL is a cut above the rest or they wouldn’t be there. Right now Drew Doughty is being touted as the best player in the world, but how many NHL awards has he actually won? Can’t we all just get along? [Deadspin]

Does the constant need to find the best player in the world have to do with the game of hockey’s inferiority complex, where fans have to prove that there sport is better than the rest night in and night out? Just because Lebron James might be the best player in the NBA and Cristiano Ronaldo may be the best player in soccer, doesn’t mean the NHL needs to continually front a best player in the world. Also, and I’m just spitballing here, the reason the best player in the world changes almost every game is the fact the NHL’s best player isn’t always the one left holding the Stanley Cup and gasp how could that work?

The NHL is apparently going to rake in close to $3.7 billion in revenue from this NHL season, amazing what happens when there is no lockout eh? That’s an awful lot of money and speaks volumes for the guy overpaying for the Los Angeles Clippers. With all the revenue coming in, the NHL cap should rise $69.6 million which is going to be great. [Globe and Mail]

The Chicago Blackhawks are having a little big of trouble trying to sign NCAA prospect Kevin Hayes. He was selected 24th overall in the 2010 draft and has been playing with Boston College for the last four seasons, however, hasn’t shown much interest in signing with the Blackhawks. He was one of three finalists for the Hobey Baker award after a very impressive senior year at Boston College. Hayes has been very reluctant to sign and that in large part has to do with the lack of spots on the Blackhawks roster in the near future. His brother was with the organization awaiting a turn before he was traded away. [ESPN]

This could spell bad news for the Buffalo Sabres as the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers are in talks for the first overall pick. For the Oilers, they want to draft up to land that elusive defenceman they so badly need. For the Panthers, well they’re just looking for what they can get for the first overall pick! [Oil on Whyte]

Is the NHL one of the last big four sports with parity throughout the league? We have proof in today’s Stanley Cup Final that there is indeed enough parity in the NHL to make the world go around and keep each player happy, which relates to the argument over the best player in the world always changing. Just because you have a Sidney Crosby or a Jonathan Toews doesn’t guarantee you’re team is going to win. [Too many men]