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Good morning hockey fans! The weekend has come and gone and unfortunately Monday brings a full day of work back to the table. At leas we got to see a overtime playoff game on Saturday night, that should carry you over right? Well it’s time to turn those Monday blues upside down as you take a lap around the NHL with us on this fine Monday morning.

The Buffalo Sabres may not be able to rack up points on the ice during the season, but if you ask the city of Buffalo about hockey their IQ will go through the roof. The city literally eats, sleeps and breathes hockey and their attention during the post season should be no surprise. Throughout the playoffs the city of Buffalo has been one of the highest rated markets for playoff hockey, not bad for a city who wasn’t even within a sniff of the post season themselves.[New York Times]

If you gave a hockey I.Q. test to the Buffalo market, you’d have the highest percentage of Mensas. Hockey touches everyone here in some way.” ~ Ted Black

When the puck drops on the 2014-2015 NHL season it appears Martin Brodeur will be wearing a different jersey. The goaltender has said he intends to see what the market is like and to see what his options are on July 1st when he becomes a free agent. With the New Jersey Devils almost ready to go in a separate direction and the legend winding down his career, he’s hoping to take his talents elsewhere. As always the goaltender is so full of class. He believes him staying with the Devils could hold back their development moving forward with Cory Schnieder between the pipes. [Toronto Sun]

While Brodeur appears ready to move on in favour of Cory Schneider, it appears Mr. Schneider isn’t ready to sign an extension with the Devils unless some terms are met this upcoming season. Schneider believes he is more than ready to be a number one goaltender in the NHL and has not been treated as such over the last two to three seasons. To ensure he will be treated as one going forward, he will only sign with the Devils if they guarantee him at least 60 games between the pipes. That would leave just 22 for a back-up goalie and almost ensure that Brodeur is gone going forward. Is Schneider solid enough to play 60 games? Has he done enough for such a demand? What if he gets hurt and doesn’t reach his 60 game plateau? So many questions in a goaltenders demand. [Yahoo]

There are lots of open coaching positions in the NHL, or at least many candidates to fill few vacant jobs. Today we take a look at which coaches will be filling what job next season. [Too Many Men]

Concussions in the NHL and hockey in general have been the attention of the media as of late. Is the NHL handling them properly? How do we make the game safer so less concussion occur and will the NHL have a big lawsuit against like the NFL? These are questions swirling around the game of hockey and the NHL. However, a new study shows that concussions in the NHL may be receding. While the numbers are down, it’s no surprise that the players are still trying to hide their concussions from their team and trainers. No one wants to be labelled with a concussion and out long term, however this is a problem that needs to be solved. [CBC]