NHL Playoffs: Top 5 Rookie Performances This Year

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Nathan MacKinnon– Colorado Avalanche 

Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

MacKinnon is another rookie who went out in the first round with his team, however he was an exceptional talent this season with the Avalanche. Despite going out in 7 games, MacKinnon is still ranked in the top 5 of rookie playoff scoring with 10 points in just 7 games. His moves and hockey IQ are so slick as he finds away around his opponents.

Nathan MacKinnon had a superb rookie season and has an extremely bright future ahead of him. If MacKinnon can be half as good as he was this past season, the Avalanche should have no issues with him going forward. He is truly a gifted hockey player who knows how to win and where to be at the right time.