NHL Playoffs: Top 5 Rookie Performances This Year

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Now that the NHL playoffs are winding down and there are games every two days roughly, the lack of hockey can be quite sad. To help you feel less sad about the NHL season coming to an end and the NHL playoffs closing down, we’re going to look back at the happy moments and the 5 best rookies from this years post season.

One of the great things about the NHL playoffs is seeing true hockey legends being born. The regular season is one thing, however being able to do everything you have done over an 82 game span, in an additional 28 games when the pressure is on, can only be described as clutch. You really find out what kind of character and leadership (I know those are horrible hockey words), when the cards are down and you have to win a 7 game series. Often times you get contribution from those you least expect, such as the rookies and that’s what makes the NHL Playoffs so unique. Legends are born.

Without further ado, here are your top rookies from the 2014 NHL playoffs.