Alex Tuch Top 30 NHL Draft Prospect


Happy Monday everyone! Today we’re back with another edition for our top 30 prospects available in the first round in June. Today we’re taking a look at Alex Tuch from the United States development league.

Once again we’re looking at another top notch player who has developed from the USDP. They are just pumping out such solid hockey players it truly is remarkable. Alex Tuch will be heading to Boston College next season which will hurt his stock in the draft, however his skill just might be worth waiting for.

With the USDP Tuch recorded 64 points in 61 games and recorded an extra 35 points playing for the US at the U18 World Championships and with the USHL. The easiest way to describe him is as a player who does it all every night.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him?

Tuch is a big power winger who skates well with strong balance. He typically is called upon to be the meat and potatoes guy on a skilled line and does so very effectively. Impressive for checker. He uses his frame to protect the puck and physically supporting his linemates.

Any team that takes a chance and drafts Alex Tuch before he heads to college is going to get a solid hockey player. With his 6 foot 3, 215 pound frame, Tuch has the perfect body to be a power-forward in the NHL. Mix that in with his skills and you’re bound to get a top 6 power-forward who will play big minutes on your second line. This appears to be the year of the power-fowards, however, Tuch might be the best one available. He knows how to put up points, has great stick-handling and battles like there is no tomorrow against the boards. If you step in the way of him and the puck expect to get hit and hit hard in the process.

This past season Tuch really utilized his size and weight to play more of a physical brand of hockey and it’s worked well for him up until this point. He’s got all the skills you’d expect from a big power forward and a few extra to boot. He’s a good goal scorer with soft hands around the net, and a hard shot. Top that with good vision and you are starting to see why so many teams really like this guy and why his stock has risen so high. 

His Underrated skill

For Alex Tuch, often the biggest overlooking factor is his commitment to defence and back-checking in his own end. He plays a true 200 foot game is isn’t afraid to much it up against the boards at either end of the ice. His defence has been stellar and improving each year, he’s developing into not only a smooth looking power forward, but also a solid two-way forward.

He’ll be playing at Boston College next season where he will get another solid opportunity to improve both aspects of his game and will only continue to grow. What team doesn’t want a power forward with a solid defencive game?

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  • What Needs To Be Worked On? 

    Alex Tuch needs to work on his skating. Although he has a big frame which helps him have big and powerful strides, his skating hasn’t been the best. His skating stride is a little unconventional and awkward and holds him back sometimes from having the skating you would expect from such a big guy.

    His skating isn’t horrible to say, however, it could use a little work in his college days.