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Well how about that for the first game of the Stanley Cup Final, game one goes to overtime? We’ve seen an awful lot of overtime games in this years playoffs. Are the goaltenders getting stronger or the shooters just getting better at beating them? I’m no complaining, I mean, who doesn’t love free hockey right? Plus overtime in the playoffs, nothing better!

Hopefully you’ve slept off the excitement from last night’s game and have awoken refreshed to take a morning lap around the NHL with us here at Frozen Futures. Let’s get skating, we have a lot to cover this morning.

We know the NHL and Gary Bettman are not fans of the Olympics. With the injuries to the players and the stoppage of NHL hockey during that time, the NHL and Olympics had to be coming to an end and apparently that time has come. The NHL and NHLPA are reportedly close to making a big announcement about a World Cup of hockey, something Bettman has wanted for the last several years. Well I guess we’ll see more junior hockey players playing in the Olympics eh? [Puck Daddy]

Talking hockey superstitions and traditions; Everything from playoff beards to not touching the sacred divisional trophy and stepping on the teams logo in the locker room. Get your popcorn ready and let’s talk about NHL weirdness. [Too Many Men]

The Los Angeles Kings came into this series with all the momentum and have a 1-0 series lead, however we can’t count the New York Rangers out quite yet. Let’s hold off on putting the Kings name on the Cup for a couple more games at least eh? [SB Nation]

Who truly enjoyed their 2013-2014 regular season and which teams, cough Buffalo cough, were excited to see it come to an end? [Bleacher Report]

The rumour on the street is that Thomas Vanek wants the Minnesota Wild to be reunited with teammate Jason Pominville. However, the Wild might not want him, choosing instead to pursue Marian Gaborik this offseason. Now this is all speculation on who would be the better fit, but where would Vanek end up if his number one choice this offseason doesn’t take him? [Twin Cities]