Josh Ho-Sang Top 30 NHL Draft Prospect


We’re back with another profile for top 30 NHL prospects ahead of the NHL draft in June. Today we’re taking a look at forward Josh Ho-Sang of the Windsor Spitfires.

Josh Ho-Sang is a player who would rather impress fans and scouts with his play on the ice than with his talk off the ice. He’s very humble and mature off the ice, yet when he steps on the ice you’re seeing a player with all the tools to succeed in the NHL. In one word you can describe Ho-Sang’s play as incredible.

With the Spitfires this season Ho-Sang recorded 85 points in 67 games. Pretty solid numbers for a first year player in the OHL. However he has been in trouble with suspensions for his overaggressive temper at times.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him?

Any team that drafts Josh Ho-Sang at the draft in June is going to get an incredible offencive talent. His skating is so slick and his stick handling will make your jaw drop as you run outside to grab your stick and try. Whether the puck is on the ice or in the air, Ho-Sang seems able to control it. He’s a natural goal scorer who has really improved his game this past season. He started the year as a very selfish player, yet finished the year as one of the best play makers with elite level creativity. He’s got sweet and crisp passes.

Josh is an immense talent with world class speed and all the tools you could hope for in a young player. He’s got as much raw skill as any forward in the league.

Ho-Sang is considered to be one of the most dangerous players one-on-one against a goalie, he shoots the puck well and has a great release, which can leave a goaltender on an island without a clue. His puck skills and skating ability combined make him a real threat for the opposition. Either he’ll burn you with his skating or you’re sitting in the box after taking a penalty trying to stop him.

It’s very important to have kids play multiple sports before they find their calling. Ho-Sang has incredible hand-eye coordination from his time playing high level, competitive tennis as a child. With Ho-Sang you’re going to get a complete offencive package. He’s got the goal scoring, the skating, the creativity and the play making ability. Not much to dislike about Ho-Sang’s offence.

His Underrated skill

It’s hard to find a skill that Josh Ho-Sang is underrated at. He’s so good at skating, being agile, shooting the puck and being creative out on the ice. If you have choose you could say his ability to control the puck at all times is his most underrated skill.

Whether he’s pulling off spin-o-rama’s or working his way through the entire opposition, the puck is not leaving his stick. He seems to be in completely control of the puck and where it will go when he leading a rush. It’s truly incredible and has a lot to do with his hand-eye coordination. Veteran defenceman will have trouble trying to take the puck off this kid. The oppositions best bet is to play the body, but often times that isn’t enough as Ho-Sang is known for taking a hit to make a play or bouncing right off of a check.

What Needs To Be Worked On

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The only real criticism of Josh Ho-Sang is his habit of relying on only himself in the offencive zone. With such incredible offencive talents and ability to control the puck, often comes a belief one can do it all by themselves and Ho-Sang has that mentality. He’s improved a lot on this in the past season, however he still has a tendency to do what Alex Ovechkin does and try to handle all 5 opponents by himself.

He needs to utilize his teammates and linemates while on the ice a little more often and there will be almost nothing holding this kid back from becoming an elite NHL player.