Thatcher Demko Top 30 NHL Draft Prospect


You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, “How the heck are the putting a goaltender in their top 30 rankings. Don’t they know most goaltenders don’t go until late in the 2nd round?” Yes, you’re correct, it’s rare for a goaltender these days to be taken in the first round, however Thatcher Demko is right on the edge of the first round and will most likely be the first goaltender taken off the board in June. Besides, whats a draft prospect profile list without a goaltender in the mix?

Today we’re going to be looking at goaltender Thatcher Demko from Boston College and the NCAA.

Demko is ranked as the best goaltender on the board for the 2014 draft in June and had a very impressive season at Boston with the Eagles. In 24 games with the Eagles, Demko recorded a 16-5-3 record with a 2.24 goals against average and a .919 save percentage. He was the youngest player in all of the NCAA hockey last season, yet had a “trophy” year with the Eagles.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him?

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Plain and simple, a team that drafts Thatcher Demko is going to get a solid goaltender who can carry a team and help them win. It’s hard to overstate or understate what a goaltender will bring to a team. Surround them with the right defence and a solid coach and magic can happen. As an 18 year-old goaltender, Demko has drown comparisons to the likes of Cory Schneider, Jimmy Howard and Joe Cannata. While comparisons are fine and dandy, goaltenders have a lot to prove. Demko won’t be leave Boston College anytime soon and will need at least another 3-4 season’s before it’s NHL time. 

Thatcher Demko can easily become the anchor or cornerstone of a team needing a franchise goaltender. Give him the time he needs to develop and he won’t let you down.

"“He’s a huge, strong goalie with excellent net coverage. He has that NHL presence in the net. He’s more of a positional-style goalie that relies on his angles and size and he plays big in his stance. When he drops in the butterfly he gets his body in front of a lot of shots. He’s smart at reading the play and gets set quickly; strength is definitely not an issue with him.”  ~ Al Jensen of NHL Central Scouting"

Want a big and solid goaltender who you can build a franchise around? Then Thatcher Demko is your go to man between the pipes at this years draft.

His Underrated skill

For a team to have confidence in their goaltender they also need to know to a certain extent that their goaltender is with them and will battle for them. Now this sounds complicated, however it’s really not. Demko takes ownership for every save he makes and every goal he allows. He lets his teammates know that he’s got a job to do and when it fails, it’s not on them. He tells his teammates he’ll take care of stopping the puck if they just get the puck of the zone when they’re supposed. He doesn’t blame his teammates for mistakes, he takes ownership of everything that happens, the sign of a very mature goaltender.

What Needs To Be Worked On?

Like almost all goaltenders, Thatcher Demko could work on his rebound control. He’s a large goaltender at 6 foot 4 and he likes to play the angles. Very calculated between the nets, but also has the athleticism to bail himself out of trouble. His rebounds can be a little rough and often put both himself and his team in trouble. However he is often very quick and square at finding the rebounds.