Kevin Fiala Top 30 NHL Draft Prospect


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Today we’re back with another prospected projected to go inside the top 30 at the upcoming NHL draft in June, Kevin Fiala of the Swedish Elite League.

Kevin Fiala had an outstanding season in Sweden and he earned himself a big jump in the draft rankings. He’s been given the nickname Mr. Determined with his unruly drive and determination to win at all cost for his team. You’d be hard pressed to find a more motivated player in this years draft than Kevin Fiala.

This season he recorded 37 points in 45 games spread out between 3 Swedish teams, while suiting up for Switzerland’s national team on 7 different occasions including the World Juniors.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him?

A team that drafts Kevin Fiala will be getting a heart and should type of player who is determined to win at all costs. He’s a special player who drives hard to the net and has elite skills to boot. Fiala has the Explosive get go, some elite stick-handling and elite hands, not to mention his deadly shot. He has all makings of a top six NHL hockey forward.

He’s a pure goal scorer who plays hard with a chip on his shoulder who has multiple moves in his bag to create offence. He’s not your typical European player. Yes he’s a pure scorer, however he has plenty of offence and a nasty side to his game. Any team that drafts Kevin Fiala is going to get an offencive superstar, however, there is some work to improve on the defence.

"“Fiala has an elite shot as well as impressive skating ability.  He possesses the vision to find teammates all over the ice and has fairly good hands with the puck on his stick.  He is however, undersized and could use some work on the defensive aspect of his game.  His offensive talent could be considered good enough to see him chosen in the first round, but we’ll have to see if scouts think the rest of his game is worthy of the honour.” ~Patrick Yeske ."

His Underrated skill

Kevin Fiala is a sniper and a goal scorer and often times other aspects of his game get over looked. In addition to his scoring abilities, he is a very dynamic skater who has great speed to leave defenceman in the dust at any minute. He uses his speed to create openings for himself and to be first on the forecheck and create great pressure on the defence for turnovers.

What Needs To Be Worked On?

There really isn’t a nice way to say this, however, Kevin Fiala’s defencive skills are atrocious. Infact his defence isn’t anywhere near NHL ready and may keep him out of the first round. His offence is brilliant something that makes you want him, however his defence makes you stay away. He misses assignments and seems incapable of playing the system his team does and flies the zone as soon as his team gets the puck and does not try to set up a proper breakout. He’ll need some immediate work on his defence or he will not see much ice time at the NHL level.

When comes to Kevin Fiala his offence is a go but his defence is a caution sign. Any team that takes a gamble on him in the first round will be doing so purely based on his offencive skills.