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Are you ready to take a lap around the hockey world with us? Good, let’s get reading!

The New York Islanders have finally made up their mind on which pick they will be sending the Buffalo Sabres to finish off the Thomas Vanek Deal. The Islanders have decided to keep their 2014 first round pick and instead send the Sabres their 2015 first round pick. Of course the Islanders are hoping they’re a much better team next season and don’t finish in the bottom 5, the Sabres are hoping they do so they will have 2 cracks at Connor McDavid. [NHL]

Think you love hockey? Check out this fantastic hockey tribute and you will love the great game so much so that there will be no room left in your heart for any other sport. Seriously is there a better sport than hockey? I sure haven’t found it! [YouTube]

Apparently people have short memories, a full 2 season’s of playoff hockey is enough to wipe them clean. Gary Bettman, the man responsible for last season’s NHL lockout was named the Sports Executive of the Year. What the heck has he done in the last year? There’s been no relocation, the salary cap is only rising a little and oh yeah he was responsible for the lockout! Is it because he let the NHL players go to the Olympics? [CBC Sports]

Let’s move our focus to junior hockey and the draft for a little while shall we? The draft is one of the most exciting times for fans of teams who didn’t receive playoff glory. According to this article the draft is going to be much busier than usual, with lots of trades. There are strong rumour winds the Florida Panthers will trade away their first overall pick, the Oilers are looking to move up and who knows what else is one the table. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun draft which renders all mock draft useless no? [USA Today]

Where the London Knights the worst host team to suit up at a Memorial Cup ever? They were pretty bad, but I don’t know if they were the worst team ever. [Yahoo Sports]