Anthony DeAngelo Top 30 NHL Draft Prospect


We’re back with another edition of our top 30 NHL draft prospects heading into the draft in June. Now please note that these prospects are in no particular order, obviously we’re saving the guys expected to go in the top 5 until late, however the guys ranked outside of that are in no real order. Today we’re taking a look at Anthony DeAngelo of the Sarnia Sting.

Anthony DeAngelo is an offencive first defenceman who prefers to jump in the rush and ask questions later. The defenceman recorded 71 points in 51 games with the Sting, and also recorded 90 penalty minutes. The 18 year old has a very promising potential, however his high risk might force teams to pass.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him? 

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A team that takes a chance and drafts defenceman Anthony DeAngelo, is going to get a high risk, high reward type player. His offence comes first and often leaves something to be desired on defence, however he’s going to score goals and put points on the board. He was arguably the best offencive defenceman in the OHL this season with Aaron Ekblad and is sure to get fans excited with his offencive rushes.

He can quarterback a power play and easily turn a 2-2 onto a 3-2 rush. He has great passing, shooting and skating. Combine that together and a team might be able to move DeAngelo to the wing in certain situations.

Most importantly, any team that drafts him will be getting a heart and should defenceman who has true passion for the game and his team. He puts his heart into his play and lays it all out on the ice. He’ll do anything to help his team win, he’s the kind of guy you would go to battle for no matter what.

"“Dynamic skating and puck moving defenseman, plays with an offensive synergy – excellent quickness in transition game – initiates rushes and team offence – passes and shoots with authority – capable to change the complexion of a game – positive improvement to his game to manage risk-reward plays – plays a lot of minutes and in all situations.” ~ NHL Central Scouting."

By drafting DeAngelo, you’re going to get an offencive minded defenceman who is both going to make you shout for joy and scream in frustration. However, when the chips are down, you want his passion on your side!

His Underrated skill

It’s hard to imagine, but for this defenceman, his defence is his most underrated skill. He’s taken a lot of flack for being a guy who would rather score goals than prevent them in his three season’s with the Sarnia Sting. However, over the last 6 months with the Sting, he’s worked hard on becoming a better defenceman in his own end and playing all around better defence. He’s learned not to pinch as often and battles hard in front of the net to keep opposition away. Don’t let people tell you he can’t play defence, because he can and with the right coaching his defence will improve drastically.

What Needs To Be Worked On?

As with any passionate hockey player, Anthony DeAngelo could use some anger management classes. Due to the fact he is a passionate guy, he often crosses the line on the ice and gets into penalty trouble. He was given an eight-game suspension by his own team for abusing a teammate and has often gone as far as to abuse officials. He’s got a real temper and that could easily cost him some spots in the draft.

Anthony DeAngelo has all the tools to be a top notch, offencive defenceman in the NHL. At 5 foot 11, he’s a little small, however his speed and shot should help him in that area. He needs a little work of defence and with his temper, however he’s worth the gamble.