David Pastrnak Top 30 NHL Prospect Profile


With our second instalment of top 30 draft eligible prospects we take a look forward David Pastrnak from Sweden. We’re ranking Pastrnak at number 29 in our prospect profile, but many have him as high as 17 in the upcoming draft.

David Pastrnak had a busy year playing in the their 2 Sweden Elite league. He recorded 24 points in 26 games and represented the

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Czech Republic at the World Junior Championships where he netted 3 points in 5 games. He suited up for the Czech Republic 5 times this season despite injury and will stay in the tier 2 of the Swedish Elite league next season.

The 18 year-old forward has spent this season improving his offence and offencive package to include more than just scoring goals. He has a solid shot, quick hands and can excellerate away from an opponent at any moment with his speed.

What Will A Team Get If They Draft Him?

Teams are most likely to get a project if they take David Pastrnak. His offence is stellar and improving with every game, however he’s still playing in the tier 2 of the Swedish elite league and will need some seasoning before he comes over to North America. Their going to get a guy who has killer offence and will undoubtedly improve an offence.

"“David as an offensive-minded player with smooth hands, great instincts and a very quick shot. He’s an excellent skater with speed and acceleration.” ~Goran Stubb, NHL Director of European Scouting"

Draft Pastrnak and look froward to a flashy, young and talented offencive player who will bring the crowd to their feet with his quick hands and goal scoring.

His Underrated skill

Perhaps his most underrated skill is his hockey smarts. While he gets a lot of praise for his quick shot, dazzling speed and an ever improving offence, his hockey smarts are what makes him the solid player he is. He knows when to battle, where to go on the ice and where his teammates are at all times when on the ice. He’s a very smart player all around.

What Needs To Be Worked On?

David Pastrnak has two big things he needs to work on before he comes over to North America. For one he needs to bulk up and add some size to his relatively small frame. He’s 6 feet tall, however weighs in at just 167 pounds. He’ll need to add at least another 10 pounds before he’s able to battle hard in the corners against NHL opponents.

Secondly, he needs to work on his defence. As good as his offence can be at times, his defence is what will hold him back and drop in the draft. If a team is hoping for his offence, he’ll go higher in the teens, if they’re worried about his defence he’ll be a late first round pick. His defence has been pretty rough and will need to see immediate improvement if he hopes for a career in the NHL.

If you’re looking for a defencive project with offencive upside and untapped potential than David Pastrnak is your guy to draft in June. He’s not going to be coming to the NHL in the immediate future, however if he can improve his defence and bulk up, he’d be a solid forward to any team.