Connor McDavid Drafted By the KHL


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The KHL has reached another level in attempting to poach players away from the NHL by going after a prospect who has yet to be drafted by the NHL and is still in the OHL. In the KHL’s annual draft today, top-ranked NHL prospect Connor McDavid was taken in the 2nd round, 77th overall.

That’s it, teams such as the Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers, better work on a back-up plan because their future franchise player is off the market! Connor McDavid still has a year left of OHL or junior play before he is eligible to be drafted by the NHL in 2015 where he is projected to go first overall. Today the KHL decided to steal away the 17 year-old before he enters his last year of OHL play.

Who was bold enough to take McDavid? KHL club Medvescak Zagreb.

If Connor McDavid wants to pass over his final OHL season he would certainly have a home next season in the KHL and if his NHL career doesn’t pan out the way he’s hoping he’s got a back-up plan.

The KHL has been attempting to up their player appeal and bring top level Russian players, such as Alex Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk back home and play in the KHL. Today, they decided to take a stab at luring a Canadian prospect. Who knows what they will try next, maybe Don Cherry?

In order for the KHL to have McDavid play next season he would have to sign with Zagreb and it would likely set back his chances of being drafted first overall in the NHL. Don’t be surprised of Connor McDavid is back with the Erie Otters in the OHL next season as he finishes out the last junior year of his career.