2014 NHL First Round Mock Draft Take 1

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19. Sonny Milano- Minnesota Wild

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Sonny Milano might have the best hands in this years draft. He’s nowhere near Pavel Datsyuk level, however he’s got moves and is extremely slick. His skill isn’t lights out, however his hands bring up his potential.

20. Ivan Barbashev- Los Angeles Kings

Ivan Barbashev is a lanky playmaking winger with a playing style that revolves around his high-end ability to read the ice and maintain possession through good puck protection practices. He’s got a solid two-way game that can only help the Kings.

21. Nikita Scherbak- Montreal Canadiens

At 6 foot 2, Scherbak will add some much needed size to the Canadiens line-up which will help back up Brendan Gallagher. He’s got an edge to his game and has some solid goal scoring skill. He’s virtually a bigger and tougher Gallagher, but needs to work on his defence.