2014 NHL First Round Mock Draft Take 1

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1. Aaron Ekblad- Florida Panthers

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Passing on a player like Ekblad with the first overall pick could be a huge risk for the Panthers. He’s franchise player material and arguably the best player available. The Panthers will get immediate blue line help with the first overall pick in the 2014 NHL draft.

2. Sam Reinhart- Buffalo Sabres

Of the two Sams that are likely to be available when the Sabres pick, Reinhart is the obvious choice for their future. He’s a guy, much like Ekblad, that can be a cornerstone of your team going forward and develop into a Jonathan Toews guy. You can build around him and expect leadership.

3. Leon Draisaitl- Edmonton Oilers

It’s hard to picture a scenario where the Oilers don’t trade up or down in the draft to try and snag a top notch defenceman they so desperately need. However, right now they’re drafting 3rd and they’ll gamble on forward Leon Draisaitl who might be the darkhorse of the top 10. He’s a big centre and it will help them add depth at the centre position going forward.