Top 10 NHL Drafted Prospects

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5. Nikita Zadorov – London Knights 

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The Buffalo Sabres have a real defencive gem in Nikita Zadorov of the London Knights. The kid has game and a very bright future in the NHL. He was playing solid on the Sabres blue line, adapting to the pro game before the Sabres sent him down to the OHL where he has been able to further hone his craft. He recorded 30 points in 36 points with the Knights after the Sabres returned him and had a big role in team Russia’s bronze medal at the 2014 World Juniors. The Sabres drafted Zadorov in the first round of the 2013 NHL draft and have big plans for their future defenceman who could join the team in the next two seasons.

At 6 foot 5 and 230 pounds, Zadorov is a beast on the ice and doesn’t take too kindly when opponents mess with him. His physical game is amazing as he punishes opponents that come anywhere near him. He could easily become a top pair defenceman for the Sabres, but is just scratching the surface of his abilities right now.