Frozen Four: Down to the Final Four

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Minnesota Vs. North Dakota

While North Dakota have put up one heck of a run in the 2014 Frozen Four tournament it’s really tough to bet against Minnesota after two dominate wins to reach the final four. ND had a touch match-up in their regional final that needed double overtime to determine a winner, Minnesota won’t go into double OT. With Adam Wilcox between the pipes, it’s not hard to envision a NCAA title heading to Minnesota. The Golden Gophers have their eyes set on one thing and one thing only and ND should be just another bump in the road.

Expect a big showing from Zane Gothberg between the pipes, but with Wilcox opposite of him it will be tough for North Dakota’s Rocco Grimaldi to muster enough offence.

Prediction: Minnesota wins 4-2

Boston College Vs. Union

Two number-one seeded teams will square-off in the second half of the Frozen Four as two top teams look to show they have what it takes. It’ll be an NCAA rivalry when these two teams meet on April 10th and both boast strong squads capable of an NCAA title. Union were one of the favourites heading into the tournament but facing a fellow number-one squad will be no easy task.

Prediction: Union takes this one 5-4