CEO of Portland Pirates Picked Up for OUI


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Brian Petrovek became the CEO of the Portland Pirates during the summer of 2000.  He had previously worked the past seven yeas in Colorado with USA Hockey, Inc. and The USA Hockey Foundation.  Being the CEO he oversees the needs of the business, represents the Pirates franchise as an alternate governor at the League level and participates regularly as a member of league committees.

Petrovek was picked up Wednesday evening for OUI after failing a field sobriety test that was administered after he got his Jeep stuck on a median.  He was later released from Cumberland County Jail on $500 bail after being charged with drunk driving.  Today the club issued a statement regarding his actions:

"“The Portland Pirates want you to know that Brian regrets his lack of discipline and poor judgment which led to his arrest for OUI early Wednesday morning.  Brian would like the community to know that he made a mistake and hopes that the people reading and watching these news reports learn from his experience and make better choices.  He accepts that he made a poor decision and hopes that everyone refrains from drinking and driving during this holiday season.”"

It seems as though drinking and driving is becoming a growing trend among the hockey community as people caught wind of Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan facing charges of being ‘super drunk’ blowing a .30 following his arrest on October 29.