Two Collegians on Canada’s WJC Selection Camp Roster


Jaden Schwartz – who was hurt at World Juniors last year – and Phil Di Giuseppe have made Hockey Canada’s selection camp roster for the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship.

Schwartz, a sophomore at Colorado College, has 5 goals and 12 assists in 11 games. His 1.55 points per game is tied for fourth in the country (with his brother, coincidentally). Schwartz was among Canada’s best forwards at the tournament before he got hurt and I don’t see a way he’s not on the final roster.

Di Giuseppe, a Freshman at Michigan, has come seemingly out of nowhere to get some first round buzz in next summer’s NHL draft. (prompting some CHL interest of course. Hey, we’ll develop the talent and you can take credit for it. No problem). Di Giuseppe has 7 goals and 12 points for the Wolverines and is tied for 19th in scoring among rookies (but remember it is in the CCHA. I don’t have exact translations points wise but if it were normalized he would be much higher on that list). Still it’s tough to see him making Canada’s final roster, but it should be a tremendous experience for him.

The 2012 WJC begins December 26th (of 2011 of course) in Calgary and Edmonton.