Huntsville Club Hockey In Trouble, Too


The news that Huntsville was getting rid of its D1 hockey program came as some disappointing, if not unexpected, news about a month ago. Now more bad news for Huntsville, as their club program might not have a home either. SEC club hockey commissioner Kenny Day says that club hockey members in the conference have expressed no interest in expansion, and thus a move for Huntsville seems unlikely.

In a fantastically arrogant comment (SEC arrogance? no way!) Day stated “If anyone thought they could simply join the SEC hockey conference, they were badly mistaken.”

Huntsville’s AD EJ Brophy will look to instead schedule exhibitions with SEC programs, but big challenges remain. For one, the club players will all have to pay their own way for travel, which Brophy says will make the program much less desirable to skaters.

Though the current D1 players will have their scholarships offered if they choose to play club hockey, Brophy says that so far none of his players has expressed an interest in doing so. Filling out the program with entirely new blood could prove too challenging for the program.

For his part, Day states that Huntsville should remain at the D1 level and not doing so would be “forever a black mark on Huntsville’s hockey legacy.” Bold words for someone who doesn’t care whether Huntsville has a home or not.