Weekly Rankings


1. Merrimack (7-0-1) (5-0-1) Up 4

They’re the only undefeated team right now, and as INCH notes, have outshot every team they have played. Sounds like the best team in America to me.

2. Minnesota (9-1-0) (6-0-0) Up 2

For the record, I don’t think the Gophers are the best team in the country, but I certainly wouldn’t call them undeserving of the #1 spot. It would be interesting to compare this team to the 07-08 team which I had ranked #1 early in the year but ended up missing the NCAA tournament.

3. Colorado College (5-1-0) (3-1-0) Down 2

Colorado College is 4th nationally in scoring, and has two players, Rylan and Jaden Schwartz, in the top 10 in points per game.

4. Boston College (8-2-0) (6-1-0) Down 1

The Eagles play three of their next six games vs. archrival BU, and also make trips to Notre Dame and Yale in that time span.

5. Michigan (7-2-1) (3-2-1) Down 3

Despite ranking 27th on the power play and 25th on the penalty kill, Michigan has the second best scoring margin in the country.

6. Union (5-1-3) (2-0-0) Up 2

My apologies to Kelly Zajac: I thought he would tail off this year due to putting up a pile of points against bad teams last season. But he is tied for 7th in scoring nationally at 1.56 ppg.

7. Ferris State (8-2-0) (4-2-0) Up 3

The Bulldogs have pitched four shutouts this year, and scored at least 4 goals in 6 of their 10 games.

8. Yale (2-1-1) (1-1-0) Down 2

Senior Chad Ziegler has 2 goals and 2 points for Yale this year

, already 25% of the way to his career high.

9. Notre Dame (5-2-2) (3-1-2) No Change

Anders Lee and TJ Tynan each have an equal number of points (14), but couldn’t be doing it more differently: Lee has 10 goals to lead the country, while Tynan has 12 assists to share the national lead.

10. Western Michigan (6-1-3) (4-1-1) Up 1

The Broncos lost their first game of the year, but also got their first win at Yost in almost 3 years.

11. Denver (3-3-2) (2-2-2) Down 4

12. Lake Superior State (8-2-0) (5-1-0) No Change

13. Minnesota-Duluth (5-3-2) (3-2-1) Newbies

14. Dartmouth (3-1-0) (2-0-0) Newbies

15. Michigan Tech (6-3-1) (4-3-1) No Change

16. Northern Michigan (4-3-3) (1-2-3) Newbies

Dropped Out: BU, Colgate, North Dakota

Maybe Next Week: Ohio State, Colgate, BU

Teams By Conference: CCHA 6, WCHA 5, ECAC Hockey 3, Hockey East 2