Ferris State Says Yes, Western Michigan Waits


Yesterday Ferris State decided to join up with the WCHA and now puts the WCHA at 9. This leaves Western Michigan and Bowling Green as CCHA teams with not accepted invites. I am assuming Bowling Green will say yes, but Western is a bit trickier.

I tweeted earlier that I had gotten an email that they would turn down the WCHA’s offer, but that was before Notre Dame waffled about 10 billion times and now Western insists they will decide for themselves. I’m not sure, but I assume this means Western will join the WCHA, at least for the short term, because they only have about 4 weeks to do so. Then if Notre Dame decides to join the NCHC and Western then gets an invite they’ll probably become the shortest tenured WCHA team ever.

Either way, one thing is sure: realignpalooza is far from over.