Some Guesses on What Western Michigan’s Big Announcement Is


Western Michigan has put up a (kinda) fancy website called WowWestern, wherein something amazing will apparently be revealed tomorrow. The twitters are abuzz with news that it is the Broncos announcing who they have hired to replace the departed Jeff Blashill. But that is far too boring and not fun, so instead I have some alternate ideas as to what the announcement could be:

  • they and Alabama-Huntsville are creating the Weird Horses Head Logos Conference.
  • Hiring Chris Osgood to be their new coach. In a related story, everyone will now think Western is better than they really are.
  • To get into the NCHC, they’re changing the school name to the University of North Dakota at Kalamazoo.
  • They’re playing Blashill’s current team, the Detroit Red Wings, in an exhibition. Hopefully Osgood will come out of retirement so Western can score some goals.
  • The announcement will be something informative yet understated
  • “If you thought the NCHC press conference was bad, watch this!”