Northern Michigan Back to the WCHA


The re-shuffling has already begun it seems, as conferences try to remain afloat amid  the fallout from the Big 10 and the new super conference. The first domino to fall is Northern Michigan is returning to the WCHA, as reported by Kevin Pates. This pretty much signals the death of the CCHA, as they will be without Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Miami, Notre Dame and now Western and Northern. With three less easy drives within the state, Northern Michigan probably isn’t spending too much more on travel by going to the WCHA, and gets to be a bit more secure in its future. They will have a natural rival with Michigan Tech as well.

The other re-alignment news is that Alaska is expected to follow Northern Michigan to the WCHA, which I have thought fairly inevitable for awhile. It will be interesting to see if the WCHA tries to split into two divisions so that not every other school has to travel up to Alaska twice.