Cronin Leaving Northeastern?


Last night Ryan S. Clark of the Fargo Forum dropped news that Northeastern coach Greg Cronin would be leaving the school to go to the AHL. (see that, unnamed college hockey website? That is how you properly credit someone for doing work). Cronin got into some trouble earlier in the year due to some recruiting violations, and was suspended for a handful of games. The cynic in me wonders if he isn’t either being forced out a bit, or if there was a possibility of some sanctions coming down if he stayed (though because he returned to coaching so swiftly with no uproar from anyone in power I doubt that is the case).

Either way, the realist in me now sees how Northeastern managed to nab several high profile recruits in a short span, and I wonder if they will be decommitting. We’ll see. Even with Brodie Reid signing with the Sharks, Northeastern was expected to be a top 4 team in Hockey East next year, but it will be interesting to see where things go with the uncertainty surrounding their coaching staff.