Tom Anastos To Michigan State


WILX TV in Lansing, Michigan has reported that the Spartans’ next head coach will be CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos. I am a little surprised to be honest; like most people I expected former Huntsville head coach Danton Cole to get the job. Anastos will shepherd the Spartans into the Big Ten without being involved in coaching since 1990-91, and he has no head coaching experience. It’s pretty perplexing to me, mostly from a recruiting angle, though Michigan State has enough tradition that I think it will be easy enough to grab good recruits.

The bigger issue here is that Anastos either really really really wanted to jump into coaching again, or he saw the writing on the wall that the CCHA is in deep trouble with the Big 10 coming. I caught some heat yesterday for saying that the CCHA would face serious repercussions due to the Big 10, but it took all of one day for the conference to lose its commissioner. I will take apologies either via twitter or email.